frugal barista

you guys, i made the best investment.
i bought an espresso maker! i can pull espresso shots and steam milk all with one cute, little machine.
i was so excited about it that i made myself a soy latte the instant i got home with it (at about 11pm).

That’s not the finished latte in the mug, of course. That’s the soy milk waiting to be steamed. In my excitement to pull the shots, I didn’t think to steam the milk FIRST. So, my shots were on the brink of dying, but I’ll be sure to perfect it tomorrow morning.

I had to really search the coffee isle to find this espresso. In the future, I’ll certainly buy a bag of it from the local coffee shop, but I was too anxious to wait until tomorrow to get it.

And THAT, my friends, is the finished latte. perfect froth on top, and it tasted just as great as the ones i make at Aroma Underground.

The best part? I only spent $45 for the machine, the ground espresso, and soy milk. That’s 9 coffees, which is how much I drink in approximately a month, maybe a month and a half (don’t criticize!).

The conclusion? I’ll be selling $1 lattes from my on-campus apartment at school next year. :P BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)!